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Three Visual Music Videos

Over the past few months, I’ve spent some time listening classical music (shout out CBC Radio 2’s Tempo & Shift) and thinking about pure abstraction. So, I guess it was inevitable that I’d find myself revisiting ‘visual music’.  I’ve started with the NFB archives and the world of Norman McLaren. From there I remembered Oskar Fischinger, and the magic algorithms of YouTube recommended a New Zealander, Len Lye, who seems like a bad ass.

Below are three introductory films, visit The Center for Visual Music (seriously, it’s a thing) for more about visual music artists and research papers.

Norman McLaren – Spheres

Oskar Fischinger – An Optical Poem

Len Lye – Kaleidoscope, A Colour Box, Colour Flight (excerpts only)

Bonus video:

After posting this I realized put up a broken link to the Len Lye video and YouTube recommended this Walter Ruttman work, Lichtspiel Opus I.

Ruttman was an Assistant Director to Leni Riefenstahl’s filming of Triumph of the Will and died on the front, working as a war photographer during WWII.